And It Smells Like Grandma

Summer Time means BBQ’s with friends, sun screen burning the eyes, watching a movie outside and at our place swimming in the lake during renovation breaks.  Happy First Day of Summer, a very fitting time to start our beach inspired home renovation blog!

Its just the three of us so far, My wonderful husband Mr. J, myself and our bossy dog Monty.  We live in a 1300 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and a monstrously overgrown backyard, but we are in the middle of renovating our soon to be beautiful home!

This story begins just over four years ago, my husband and I were married for a mere month and we were busily working away at completing our newly built home.  As we were sanding down the drywall, I turned to my husband and said “I am so glad we are building a new home and not renovating”, to which he replied “I don’t (ever*) want to renovate a home” (this ever* has been a point of discussion in the past couple of years – Jordan doesn’t remember saying ever, but I heard it loud and clear and breathed a sign of relief when he did!).  I grew up with a family who was constantly renovating and in homes which never seemed to leave the project phase.  I knew renovations were not for me and because of the man I married I was destined for a life of new homes…little did I know that 1 year later we would be moving into an older home smelling like grandma.

And here I am now, living in the middle of a renovation and seeking refuge in my bedroom.  It’s my only place free of exposed plywood, raw electrical wires and partially completed paint jobs.  Our home is on Alice rd, a cute little name for a cute little house getting closer to completion each day.  We live just a long stone’s throw from the beach, on the edge of a park and at the base of a hill – its a beautiful neighbourhood and lucky for us our house is one of the ugliest!

In the beginning I was scared to death, images of tearing up smelling underlay and holding up drywall until I could have beat out any Survivor Contestants ran through my head day and night.  The house was born in 57, that means 53 years of dead skin flakes, a musky old mushroom growing crawl space and 53 year old dried urine around the toilet.  When we built our last home we used up Jordan’s parents as resources, forcing them to sand and paint every evening, so I had reason to be scared.  This was not a task I wanted to take on ourselves.  But it was amazing, our friends and family were more than willing to help us tear up old flooring and rip down walls for months.  But all too soon those months came to an end and soon enough parents were avoiding our phone calls and friends had made plans for every night of the week.  We had run them dry.  So room by room we renovate, doing what we can and every once and a while roping in an unsuspecting bystander.  Oh Alice, your my nemesis.

Just to show you what we exactly we are dealing with I will give you a little photo run down of our home – Meet Alice.

The Front of Our Alice Home

The Rotten Back DeckThe Rotten Deck and Unruly Yard

The Wall in the Middle of the House

Main Hideous Bathroom

Kitchen and yes, if you were wondering – the previous owners left us those beautiful window treatments!

Our delightful Masterbed room!

This journey is going to be bumpy, but filled with fun, accidents and lots of laughing!

Happy First Day of Summer!


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