Here Comes the Cabinets

Our Kitchen cabinets were delivered yesterday and I don’t know if I have ever been so eager to renovate a space in my life.  I love re-doing spaces, but I don’t think any other reno will feel as satisfying.  It seems as though the moment we bought the house all I have been thinking and dreaming about is a new kitchen, I sketched and sketched until I had my vision right and couldn’t wait for it to come true!  To me, it’s the perfect marriage of feminine and beachy and as far as I can tell I am going to love every aspect!!  My slim, well kept folder is now busting with papers and samples. The papers are now so worn and so loved that they appear to have come through the centuries, instead of only being a couple years old.

Here’s what we started with and yes, it came with the amber plastic ‘glass’!

Just over a year ago I could stand it anymore, the Kitchen was just too ugly and was draining my love for the house, so I decided that I was going to take things into my own hands for a little bit.  Redoing the Kitchen consists of redoing the ceiling, leveling and replacing the floors, new lighting and then the actual cabinets.  Being that the Kitchen renovation was going to cost an arm, a leg and our first born, it was something we were going to have to save up for.  I figured that we could afford a couple cans of paint and so one afternoon I took all the doors off and painted my heart out.

It was better than the sweetest ugliest Kitchen I could have imagined!

In January we decided that it was time to start taking the Kitchen apart.  One portion of my vision included removing the existing window above the sink (because that is where the stove and range hood were going) and add two new windows to the wall overlooking the park.  There was already one window, but it was gross, old, half of it made of Styrofoam and a serious eye sore.  So, Jordan moved my turquoise Kitchen into the dining room and our dining room table along with the chairs and rug were piled onto our guest bed.  Jordan worked and worked and worked until the project was completed.

Here is the hardware I have chosen, isn’t it sweet!! I love the elements that the glass and chrome bring to the Kitchen.

This Kitchen is a seriously longtime coming and I when the truck arrived yesterday to drop off the cabinets it was all I could do not the hug them.  As soon as the delivery man left I madly ripped open one of the boxes and peeked at my new cabinet doors.  It was like Christmas Eve and I was forced to wait until the next day to see them and so when no one was watching I opened a gift. Look how excited the cabinets are, they are soo happy to finally be home!

I know that they are still in boxes but I can’t help be in love already!

I just can hardley wait to tear into these boxes! It should only be a couple days until the cabinets are completely installed!  The install is happening as I type and all I can think about is running home and watching it unfold.  It’s a good thing I have a meeting all morning because otherwise I would not get anything done.  I am so excited that if I got into my car after work and it wouldn’t start I would kick off my stilettos and run home!  Can’t wait!


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