Something old into something new!

As I was helping a friend plan her wedding this summer I came across this ugly frame for free in front of our neighbours house.  It has been sitting in the garage for some months until I could decide exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I came across a few ideas on Pinterest and with my husbands help we have some new art.  And part of me felt bad painting over another Artists photo, someone put time and energy into painting this masterpiece and all I wanted to do is toss that painting and makeover the frame. I got over this feeling quick and was ready to start creating!

So here she is, just BURSTING with potential.


My vision for this DIY was to create something that could fill a few voids in our home.  I wanted somewhere we could put up family pictures because we don’t have a single picture up in our house of our family.  I also wanted it to serve as the front of our fridge.  Our beautiful LG doesn’t have a magnetic surface, thus there is nowhere to put up little bits of art or birth announcements.   Seeing as it is still the middle of winter, it’s minus one and there is snow on the ground.  It was pretty easy to come up with an excuse to put it off, but I figured that while I had a strong artsy drive I might as well make it happen.  There is a section along our fence line where the ground is exposed to the sun all day and thus the snow has all melted, its the only dryish spot on our lawn.  With the painting remove, I laid a sheet of plastic on the ground and with the high gloss spray paint I bought, I went to town on the frame.  Painting the frame was merely the first step to the process.  I wanted wire to span the expanse and I knew I wanted to add something more than pictures, but I didn’t really know exactly what I was looking for.  Mr. J was a huge help – figuring out how this was all going to work out and with his brain power and patience for my indecisiveness it all came together!


I wanted to make sure that I could have the pictures both vertically and horizontally and I love that it can hold the standard 4×6 photo.  Its going to be great for adding christmas cards, I can easily add and remove pictures without trying to store awkward sized photos once I am done seeing them everyday and when we get photos in the mail of our friends and family we have somewhere to put them up.  Its going to be an ever changing piece of art for our house – perfect!


I am going to move some pictures around a little and make sure that where they are is perfect, but for now its done!


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