Down Comes the Wall

There was this terrible wall in the center of our house, it made the space feel cramped and  although it housed the washer and dryer, provided more storage and more wall space for the baseboard heaters (no gas in this house), it needed to go.  When we first walked into the house I saw the wall and knew it had to go!  It has a small opening from the front room to the Kitchen, but for the most part it split the house in two.  The two small rooms were awkward dimensions and  I knew as soon as the wall was down the entire space would brighten up!  Below is the wall from the Kitchen side.DSC_0026

Here is the wall from the Living room side.


Mr J. and my Father-In-Law got a little stir crazy one day (this happens often) and made the executive decision to cut a hole in the wall.  After a few hours of sawing, cutting, electrical inspection, crawl space crawling and clean up, there was a decent sized hole in the wall.  I didn’t want the wall, but I also didn’t want a big hole in the wall either.  To me it felt as though it was a small solution to a larger problem and I felt as though taking the entire wall down was only going to be delayed further. The image below is looking into the family room from the middle of the Kitchen.



Little did I know Mr. J the “new” Renovating Master had arrived!  This wasn’t a stall in tearing down the wall, but a much needed cost free breathing hole while we waited for the beam on order.  4 weeks past and we were given a couple weeks notice before the beam arrived.  The center wall was striped down to the 2×4’s, electrical moved and flooring torn up!

DSC_0197 DSC_0224DSC_0217

Within weeks the engineered beam had arrived!  With the fridge stalked with beer and the friends on their way, the room joining adventure was almost complete!  The boys had to build ceiling supports on either side of the beam location and then with all the strength they could muster, the beam was hoisted into place.



Taadaa! The supports where taken down and the ceiling didn’t fall to the floor! As you can see there was soo much dust to clean up, but it was done and my heart was floating! The greatest thing about removing a center wall is that a stippled ceiling is basically irreparable, the flooring is ruined and the living space is now in need of a complete re-haul!!!  Fantastic, it is exactly what I envisioned for the house!


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