Renovating our home has been the most wonderful experience for Mr. J and I.  It has been wonderful exploring all the magazines, blogs, Pinterest boards, websites and hoards of shops for inspiration!  When we first walked into that 40 year old house all I could see was potential and I hardly noticed the green ivy wall stencil, gold flecked purple tiles and paneled walls. My vision for the house has come from my desire to make the house our own home, a place that will truly reflected who we are.  I want it to be a place where we would not only love to come home to, but also a place that was inviting for our friends and family. We have vacationed to Tofino B.C., California, Florida, Cuba, Mexico, and Hawaii and all the whie it has reinforced  just how relaxing and tranquil the beach is to the soul and it is this feeling that I wanted to bring into our home.  We are half way into our project and I have enjoyed every aspect of it, although the research is one of my favorite parts of our adventure and I just wanted to share some inspirational pictures!


These beautiful beach wood is really the jumping off point for our home. I love the smoothness of these edges, the subtleness of the colours and the worn feeling.

ceilingI love the colours of the floors, I would like our floors to have more grey in them.  The texture and the cozy feeling that the ceiling gives provides that Cape Cod influence I enjoy so much!


These beautiful none offensive colours are just the touch I am looking o come home to, to me it feels like a retreat.

more tile

I am so in love with the shape of these tiles!



I want to crawl right into that bed!!

I have folders stuffed full with clippings and samples from show homes, magazines, print offs, sales centres and home shows!  These shades, shapes and the feeling I get when I look at these images is what excited me to no end.  Even if these specific item as beyond my price point, I am going to find a way to replicate the mood they produce, search until I find the best deals and use my connections as a decorator to get what this home is destined for – greatness!


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