A New Ceiling – A Labour of Love!

With the new beam in place and the spray foam filling the gaps on either side of the beam our ceiling was ready for the makeover.  You can see in the top left of the photo where the cupboard and laundry area was removed.  

Mr. J installed the new pot lights and installed the electrical where the pendant lights would be going.


We looked all around town for the right product of the ceiling, I knew I wanted it to look like wood, but wasn’t sure if it actually needed to be a wood product.

There was the bead-board panelling, but everything I found seemed to be too narrow. Our ceiling covers about 600 square feet and I didn’t want the texture of the ceiling getting lost in the size of the space or look out of proportion to the area.  The bead-board seemed like a very efficient way of getting the look I wanted, but it wasn’t the exact look, nor was it a cost effective option.

Holding beadboard overhead (800x533)[7]

Secondly, there was particle board, which is engineered wood made of wood veneers, particles or wood fibers bonded together with head and pressure.  My issue is that there wasn’t any wood grain or character and each piece looked the exact same.


I wanted each panel of wood to have its own individual character and charm, I wanted knots, grooves and splits .  I found grooved wood slats at a wood mill.  My husband built a few A frame supports and screwed in hundreds of screws evenly spaced apart so I could paint each board and get all the right sides.  Our uncle lent us his spray gun and I went to town covering all the boards in an Benjamin Moore Cloud White egg shell paint.




It got really windy at 7 that night and the boards started to rock, it was then that my dear Mr. J decided to bring all the wood inside.  Not all the pieces were dry yet, so in the house they came to spend the night.  Since our flooring had been torn up there was no concern about ruining the new floor.



It was a long day of painting, but its going to be an even longer process of putting the ceiling up!


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