Raspberry Love

Without a single hesitation I can answer confidently that if I am ever stranded on an island and could request a single food item it would be fresh raspberries.  Of course, I would have tiny millions of little seeds stuck in my teeth and I would be without floss, but I would be one happy camper.  Which is saying a lot because I hate camping, but I LOVE raspberries!

Buying raspberries in the winter is disappointing.  They just haven’t been the same since summer ended, they lack the taste and plumpness that only the summer sunshine can bring.  This hasn’t stopped me from buying them during the winter months, but they leave something to be desired.  And I know my problem sounds very first world, almost the same as complaining that heated seats cause my skin to dry out and don’t heat my rear evenly enough, but I really miss summer fruit!

raspberriesI came across some recipes online to put into my online recipe book for a few months down the road and I wanted to share a few. Click on the images to be directed to the recipes website.

This is called Sunday Sauce, which sounds as though it would be unreal on yogurt, pie, chocolate dessert or simply spooned directly into my mouth!!

sunday sauce

The wonderfully delish second item is Brie en Croute with Raspberries and Pecans.  This recipe takes a wheel of brie, tops it with jam and toasted pecans and then bakes it in a pastry crust.

BrieThis next recipe looks absolutely divine!!!  A beautiful medley of fruits, herbs, sweet and liquids creates this  Raspberry Mojito…umm yes, please.

raspmojitoAnd this finale addition to today’s post is a perfect marriage of lemon tartness and raspberry deliciousness.  These Raspberry Lemon Crumble Muffins have been baked in my home twice now and have been gobbled up by residents and guests alike.  My only comment is that they are best eaten fresh, as they get pretty dense and a little too dry after 2 days, but not to worry they hardly lasted 2 days.  Sweet mercy, these were unreal!

lemon raspSince the sun is trying its hardest to show its beautiful face at the moment I am going to head outside to enjoy a little heat. Have a fantastic day!


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