Sarah Richardson –

Her designs are sleek and yet inviting all at the same time. We have begun to renovate our home and whenever I am stuck as to what to do next, all I have to do is look around her website, look through her portfolio or watch a few of her shows and voila – all becomes crystal clear!

We have recently finished the main bathroom in our home (which was all Sarah inspired) and even though its a bathroom, all I want to do is sit in there. Sometimes I catch myself standing in the doorway and I have to remind myself that its a bathroom, where people do their business, but I just can’t seem to get enough. I am not really a bath person, but I have taken more baths in the last couple of weeks than I ever have!

I just find everything she does so magical and I would give up ice cream for the rest of my life just to meet her – and for those of you who know just how much I love ice cream know this is like giving up my right arm!


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