Front Door Wreath

Seeing as Spring is just around the corner, I can’t help but long for some freshening of our home.  We have a new baby only weeks away and this imminent change makes me want to update our space prior to baby’s arrival.  If I am going to be spending more time at home than usual, I want to LOVE the space I am in and this home could use some colour and freshness infusion!

I have been starting with purging out everything from books and scarves to decor and toys.  Our little man is only 2 years old and has already accumulated so many toys!  They come from generous friends and family, but living in a 1,150 square foot home doesn’t allow for much extras!  With this out of the way, I am ready to begin the infusion of colour and re-purposing my old decor!

So I will begin with my front door!  Most of my exterior arrangements are made out of plants and used decor, so at the end of the season or simply when I am bored with appearance I can add the remains to my compost, recycling bin and decor box.  I love a bit of personalization thrown in at the entrance so I will probably incorporate a monogram somewhere in there, but here are a few inspiration photos, as well as some I love, but don’t fit into the style of our home.


I really like the use of balance and the variation of plans and twigs!  Here is the great we site where this wreath image came from.


I love the simplicity and beauty of this wreath.  Find link here.


I like this one as well, but not enough colour for what I am looking for.  Link here.


This is super cute!  Link here.


Eeek – this is so cute!!  Also, if you have a chance, have a look around the website – great ideas!



















I LOVE this one, although its different from what I was originally thinking, it’s fantastic.

Well, for the most part they all seem really different and since I am going to try to make mine out of what I already own, it may turn out nothing like my initial thought – I’ll hunt through my goods tomorrow.

I want to do a beach inspired wreath, but I think I am going to save it for summer and I’ll incorporate shells, beach wood and burlap.  All of this reminds me that I really need to invest in a good hot glue gun – or maybe I should borrow one, so I am not acquiring more!


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