Front Door Wreath Complete!

Our little babe came early, thus leaving me with no time in the last couple months to post the completed wreath.  Here is the completed number and I was able to pick and choose from some of the designs below as well as incorporate a few of my own ideas.

ImageWe have the most wonderful hill/mountain behind our home and it was here where I cut down the branches to build my wreath.  With some zip ties and muscle I twisted and weaved the branches together to create the shape and size I wanted.  I pulled a ton of moss from our lawn, made some fabric flowers and stuck the letter into the creation.  It took me one full filled afternoon and if I had found my hot glue gun earlier I wouldn’t have had to sew the flowers and moss onto the wreath!

Once I got started I wanted to add a little more umph to our front entrance.  Again everything was things I could find around our home, whether it was growing outside or a little trinket sitting around our home.  I used a bunch of branches from our birch tree, moss from our lawn, a lantern from our table and a cute little egg grouping left over from another project.  Please excuse the dust on the top of the lantern, I obviously have had some other things on my mind!


How cute are these little eggs!

ImageI then wanted a little something inside and had leftover moss and twigs.  I have a bell vase that I like to decorate with the season so this is the house for a little burst of spring.  I blew out the inside of some eggs and then painted them a hue of tiffany’s blue (one of my most beloved colours!).  I placed the entire creation to top of a little dish I have and voila – all done!


So go forth and create, it feels so good to finally have some little projects finished!