An Exciting Renovation

I am currently working on a home renovation with a fantastic family!  The house was built in the 50’s and as you can see by the images below the house was built true to its time period.  When I first meet with a client I always have a list of questions that I like to review with them so I am able to best determine their wishes, needs and expectations as well as ensure things go as smooth as possible.  The scope of this work was to renovate the Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room.  I am standing in a small room off the Kitchen looking into the space that will be the main focus of our work.  To the right of this image is the Living room and at the end of this room you can see the dining room.  The entire space was gutted, the wall in the middle of the room was taken down, the bulkheads above the cabinets removed and all the aluminum interior railings where taken out.


Below you can see the East side of the house and here I am standing in the middle of the galley style kitchen and photo below that is facing west.  Image


In this picture the Kitchen area is on the left and the front door is on the right. Image

Here is a full view of the Living room, the smaller windows, closed space and arches in front of the windows created a dark space.Image

This photo is exactly behind where I was standing when I took the picture of the living room above.  The front door is on the left and the Kitchen is on the right.  These steps lead to the bedrooms upstairs.Image

As you can see this house was ready for a change, as were its occupants!  In the initial meeting I have the client provide me with some adjectives of what they want o see in their home.  The words that were most forefront were inviting, comfortable, classic, timeless and welcoming.  So over the next couple of months these words are what we are going to use as our jumping off point for this renovation!

In the next post we’ll explore where we are now with the renovation!!


Wall Paneling and a Brick Fireplace

The wall beside our front door was something straight out of a 60’s magazine, it was not only difficult to look at, but it was the most ridiculous design I had seen in a while.  Sweet mercy, this thing was ugly!  Have yourselves a look at the fireplace stand, the vent hanging from the ceiling, the half wall and the wall paneling behind the brick.  The paneling  itself wasn’t bad, but the wall was flimsy and needed to go.  Yeah, that’s my Dad Rick in the picture and it is quite a feat to find a photo of him, that he knows is being taken, without his hand in front of his face!  Anyways, he’s a huge help and was rip rearing to go!


With a good sledge hammer and some man power this unsightly thing was coming down!

DSC_0182DSC_0188Now that the brick was gone, My Dad stripped the walls to the studs and him and I started the horrendous job of drywalling.  Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate mudding – its honestly the worst part of renovating for me.  The grit in my hair, eyes and mouth, the driest hands I have ever felt and waking up in the morning and still having white drywall dust film in my eyes from the night before!  I digress, I knew what my vision was for this wall, I wanted a space for our TV, a fireplace and art.  After consulting the internet and devouring my hoards of decorating magazines, I had it down!  I wanted the center portion to come out 8-10 inches, with the fireplace recessed under the TV.


After days and nights of mudding, sanding and perfecting my not so perfect job, we were ready to paint.

DSC_0225 DSC_0227


We still have to arrange the furniture and get everything back in order, but it gives you an idea.  We didn’t tackle the entire vent, but it was filled and the hole was covered.  And the floor is missing under where the brick was, but it provided a great eyesore, which is another great reason to keep moving!  Exactly what I want – an entire overhaul!